Enhance Your Predictive Dialer to Successfully Deliver Your Outbound Messages

LumenVox Improves Customer ExperiencesA Unique Approach

Unlike traditional Answering Machine Detection (AMD) LumenVox Call Progress Analysis (CPA) leverages a combination of LumenVox Speech Recognition and tone detection.


Ensure your messages are heard

Ensure Your Messages are heard

Within seconds LumenVox CPA can determine whether a human or machine has answered a call.


More Precise outboundMore Precise

LumenVox CPA delivers proactive outbound messages with higher accuracy than traditional AMD approaches.


Had enough with unsuccessful outbound calls?

Whether you're trying to connect call center agents to customers or leave a message with timely information, LumenVox Call Progress Analysis is an innovative outbound contact strategy alternative to traditional answering machine detection.

Superior Machine Learning

Machine Learning

LumenVox CPA utilizes Machine Learning (ML) to bypass constricting energy detection algorithms and seamlessly differentiate between speech and non-speech sounds.

built to scale 2

Built to Scale

LumenVox CPA can shoulder high loads with one vendor making more than 50 million outbound calls per month.

long term roi

Long Term ROI

Customers utilizing LumenVox CPA are reducing operating costs by 30% - compared to competing products.