The Age of Voice Innovation, Part I: Attributes of the New Engine

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Watch Opus Research and LumenVox Discuss Voice Channel Innovation

The Voice Channel for enterprise communications and customer care is the direct beneficiary of dramatic improvements in automated speech processing. Recognition and transcription are reaching unprecedented levels of accuracy; synthetic voices are often indistinguishable from humans; while voice biometrics detects both real and synthesized imposters reliably and at scale.

Join LumenVox; Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Derek Top, Senior Analyst at Opus Research for a lively discussion of the factors that are giving new shape to the Voice Channel for both self-service and employee communications, including:

  • Pricing: Benefitting from single language models and steadily declining costs
  • Accuracy: Creating new services and use cases (Moore’s law moves to the cloud)
  • Tooling: Democratizing NLU to create voicebots and augmented IVRs
  • Scalability: Serving a diverse customer base across a spectrum of devices