Discover how to radically outperform your competitors with LumenVox's ASR.

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Learn why and how LumenVox's new end-to-end DNN ASR engine can help

  • Improved Accuracy: Deep Neural Networks deliver a level of accuracy in speech recognition that legacy technology can't match, with typical total cost of ownership (TCO) reductions by as much as 35% annually.
  • Enhanced Language Support: Without the need to add new acoustic models, new languages and dialects can be added in just weeks and scaled on any platform.
  • Superior Transcription: The end-to-end deep neural networks acoustic modeling provides for the ability to handle lengthy transcription.
  • Reduced Footprint: The use of quantized Statistical Language Models (SLM) enables higher performance by utilizing less memory through efficiently compressed storage.
  • Continued Support: Use cases that require, and would benefit from, the use of traditional SRGS Grammars are still incorporated.
  • Unprecedented Flexibility: The streaming model provides the flexibility to deploy on-premise or in any cloud, boosting responsiveness and performance.