Trends in Conversational AI for 2022 and Beyond

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Ready to Uplevel Your Customer Service?

Interested in Conversational AI for your organization?

Whether you are looking to implement this into your organization to support 24 hour customer support or as part of a larger cost savings effort, there are things you will need to know in order to make the most of those investment dollars. Watch LumenVox, Verint and Radisys discuss:

  • Defining flexible technologies that enable the true power of conversational AI
  • Delivering faster responses and better customer experiences in the contact center
  • Utilizing native languages to support a more diverse customer base
  • How the pandemic has impacted user behavior with conversational AI
  • Gaining consumer trust with a digital-first approach
  • Automating customer engagement with conversational AI-based video bots
  • How conversational in-call assistants use biometric authentication, noise cancellation, & more